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Septic Tank Emptying Wallingford

Septic Tank Emptying Wallingford

Septic Tank Emptying Wallingford

Do you need your septic tank emptied ? Call your local company, we provide an emptying service for septic tanks, cesspools and Klargesters. We offer a competitive rate and a friendly, reliable service.

Septic tanks are mainly used in locations where tests have demonstrated the subsoil is suitable for the discharge and disposal of treated waste water, and where approval has been granted by the appropriate local authority, or exceptionally, where written approval has been granted by the Environment Agency  to discharge to a stream.

If a septic tank does not function properly it can cause bad smells, flooding and pollution, which can result in additional expense for you. If you follow the simple tips outlined on this page you should experience trouble-free and cost-effective waste disposal.

How Does a Septic Tank Work?

The purpose of a septic tank is to treat waste water from your property which is generally not connected to the public sewer. It is usually either a large rectangular box made of brick, stone or concrete, or a bottle-shaped plastic tank buried underground not far from the property it serves.

A septic tank works like a simple waste water treatment works and the treated waste water drains from the septic tank’s outlet pipe to a soakaway.

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Septic Tank Emptying Wallingford

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