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Blocked Sinks

Blocked Sinks unblocked

Blocked drains Baldon Row

Blocked sink clogged 

Blocked up sinks can be a real pain to clear. Blocked sinks can be caused by fat and grease, food in your sink drains and hair can all cause blockages. Blocked sink in your kitchen and blocked sink in your bathroom can be unblocked. Most blockages end up in either the u bend or the domestic waste pipe blocked that goes to the external drain. Using chemicals to clear blockages is not recommended  as this can destroy the seals in the plastic pipe. Using a sink plunger can sometimes help to clear the blockage. Another way to clear the blockage is to use a drain snake. Here at Drain Gain we have all the required tools and expertise to clear you blockages fast and effectively.

If you would like us to unblock you sink then please feel free to get in touch with us.

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