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Roots in Drains Oxfordshire

Roots in drains in Oxfordshire

Roots in your drains can be disruptive and will cause your drains to block on a regular basis. High pressure drain jetting will not remove the roots, this will only clear a path through them. After time your drains will become blocked again. Root ingress to drains is a common issue and they will need to be removed. Blocking of drains will cause local flooding and over spilling of raw sewage from your drain access chambers and even worst, flooding to the inside of property premises. The roots will not go away and will only cause long term problems with your drains and potentially your well being if not resolved. Roots in drains, well they just love the environment in side a drain, dark,warm and plenty of food for the roots to flourish and grow. The longer you ignore them, the better they like it, the roots will not stop for anything unless you address the issue promptly.

The root cause of roots in your drains in Oxfordshire

The main cause of roots in your drains can be open drain joints, dropped drain joints or a hole in your sewer drain. Ground movement over time can cause the drain to move and this in turn will displace connections and allow roots in the ground to enter your drain. Once they are in then the problems begin. But they can be removed and the problem resolved, but act quickly.

How to remove roots in Oxfordshires drains

Roots in your drains can be removed by various applications, the most common application is to clear them with a root cutter of mechanical root cut milling machine. The machine is passed down through your drains and rotates a high speed. The rotating head has flail type cutters that chop the roots off as it passes down. The drain will then be surveyed with a drain camera to confirm that the roots have been cleared. Once this has been confirmed then the next stage can be carried out to ensure the roots do not return.

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