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Sewage Treatment Plant Installation

Treatment Plant Installation

Sewage Treatment Plant Installations

If you have an old septic tank then at some point you will need to replace it with a Sewage treatment plant. As from January 2020 the legislation has changed and if you sell your property then the old septic tank will need to be replaced. Call Us 01235 390 390

What is a Sewage treatment plant ?

Sewage Treatment Plant is a plant or installation that is used to purify contaminated substances. These substances may be solid, liquid and semi-solids. Sewage treatment Foul or grey water is one of the treatments that a waste water treatment plant can process. Treatment plants are named after their treated substances, for example:

  • Wastewater treatment plant – treated wastewater
  • Effluent treatment plant – treated effluent
  • Sewage treatment plant – treated sewage
  • Water treatment plant – treated water

A treatment plant is necessary in a domestic property that is not connected directly to the sewer.. The treatment plant will break down the sewage in 3 stages, Primary settlement, Biological treatment and final treatment to final effluent. The end product should be clear,clean and reduced ammonia to be discharged to the ground via a drainage field or can discharge directly to a brook or stream.

How can we help ?

We have a team of experts led by our fully trained leading Waste Water treatment engineer who has worked in waste water process for over 30 years. We can advise you on what is required and the process from initial enquiry to completion of a new domestic sewage treatment plant. Please feel free to get in touch for a chat.

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