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Water main Repairs

Water Main Bursts

Water main bursts on your property can be stressful time. Local flooding and the possibility of damage to your property can have you in a spin. This can happen at any time and without warning. Old cast iron pipes are normally the common cause of a burst water main. 

Common Cause of a burst water main

Corrosion is the most common cause of burst underground water pipes. Water pipes used to be laid in the ground and constructed of iron, Over many years the iron starts to corrode and eventually will wear the pipe this, this in turn reduces its strength and the internal pressure will burst the wall of the pipe.

Roots can also be a problem, as the roots system starts to form and move through ground it can push the pipes out of line, this will normally cause a joint to fail and result in a leaking water main.

Collapsed Pipe: Pipes may collapse due to environmental changes. Construction near your home, for example, may cause the soil to shift around to the point that the increased weight upon your pipes forces it to give in and rupture. If major construction happens near your home, you may want to inform the workers of the location of your water and sewer lines.   

How to deal with a burst water main

The first thing to do is to remain calm, try to locate your external stop cock, this will normally be in the footpath at the front of your property, if you live in a semi detached property then you may share the supply with your neighbour. Once you have located the stop valve then you will need to close the valve, this will normally be achieved by turning the handle in a clockwise position. It would be a good idea to inform your neighbour of this being as they will notice the supply is off.

Who to contact about your burst water main

If the burst water pipe is in your property land then the chances are it will be down to you to get the repair done. It will be worthwhile contacting your local water company first to see what the say. Please click here for a list of contact numbers for water companies.

Need the Burst water pipe fixed ?

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your water main leaks and burst. We are here to help and can respond to your enquiry urgently. We can normally be on site within 60 minutes. Repairs can be carried out on the same day if required. Please feel free to call us 01235 390390 or complete our online contact form HERE

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